Bendi Barrett

Two poems: “Diagram of the Carnal Male” & “Stages of Possession” (PANK Magazine, 2011)

Avatar of the Wolf (Choice of Games, 2017)

Fate of the Storm Gods (Choice of Games, January 2021)

“Duppy” (Baffling Magazine: Issue 3, April 2021)

“Duppy” in Baffling Year One (Neon Hemlock, 2022)

Empire of the Feast (Neon Hemlock, 2022)

Two Flash Fiction pieces in Moonlight on Roseville Beach (R. Rook Studio, 2022)

“The Bone Meal Corps” in Luminescent Machinations: Queer Tales of Monumental Invention (Neon Hemlock, 2023)

(Writing as) Benji Bright

Candid (Queer Young Cowboys, 2012)

“The Amnesiaphiliac” in Wired Hard 5 (Circlet Press, 2013)

“Rival Pens” in The Flesh Made Word (Circlet Press, 2015)

(Work referenced in) Videogames For Humans (Instar Books, 2015)

“Frater” in Blood on His Hands (Lethe Press, 2021)

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