Bendi Barrett

Two poems: “Diagram of the Carnal Male” & “Stages of Possession” (PANK Magazine, 2011)

Avatar of the Wolf (Choice of Games, 2017)

Fate of the Storm Gods (Choice of Games, January 2021)

“Duppy” (Baffling Magazine: Issue 3, April 2021)

Empire of the Feast (Neon Hemlock Press, 2022)

(Writing as) Benji Bright

Candid (Queer Young Cowboys, 2012)

“The Amnesiaphiliac” in Wired Hard 5 (Circlet Press, 2013)

“Rival Pens” in The Flesh Made Word (Circlet Press, 2015)

(Included in) Videogames For Humans (Instar Books, 2015)

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